Monumental Sculptures

This edition reflects what the artist think about global warming the planet suffers of.
While the basics of his creation are daytoday objects, the public faces its immediate future by reflecting its own responsibilities in the art pieces.
The tar becomes his medium, the unusual positioning of objects reflects the disturbing factor and invites the public  to perceive the facts from a different angle.
The dark sense of humor of the artist is very promising of nights with a touch of aspirin.
The car completely refurbished by covering it with tar and planting a tree coming out of its carcass.
The idea being about creating a special edition on global warming and reminding  people that our society is already “has been” and that sooner or later Mother Nature will take its rights back .. At least I hope so.
It is time or may be too late… the tears of the sky are full of waste and flow daily on our planet ….  such a stunning planet we had and to which we granted so much respect….
Today the planet is tired and distressed, no one has made any effort to preserve it nor to preserve themself
Indeed, it is late… bacteria, tar and various fumes are back  and are taking over the world.
My work therefore did not intend to be stunning… no, it didnt, but it should considered as the famous message :
How to remain stunning despite the effects of pollution ? 
Beauty means hope…

The hope of that tree  that will continue supporting the regenerence of life, again and again….