JL CURABET makes a return to basics through his new serie of drawings.

At the time of digital technology, he chooses a pencil and a sheet of Canson paper. He expresses himself in a simple manner but as usual looks for the emotion which characterizes his work.

Beyond all the flourishes and the artificials he decides to work with one of the most basic technique to bring the spectator to think about the current state of his era.

Whether it is about nuclear power, religion, finance, sex or weapons, everything is talked about there, without taboos and at the risk of moving the good consciousnesses or raising the veil on our contemporaries overtaken by the evolution of kind.

While being far from any trends and fashion and worrying only about his feelings, the artist evolves in his dream leaving the spectator waking up and questioning loads.

Here a sample of his drawings, for which the artist uses worldwide coins to keep a track and a date stamp to fix the moment.


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