All about JLC art

Inquisitive, curious about life.
Like his contemporaries, the artist responds to his dreams, and multiple questioning.
At least he tries.
Approximatelly he progresses in his searches, digs in, finds a way and starts it all again.
Sometimes he fails, stands KO or lost in the desert, but JL stands up and starts again and again to search for  truth, his life mission towards infinity.
Building,creating, destroying to be reborn, often falling and one day flying.
Always on the edge, he doubts and perseveres.
We’ll see in a year or in a century …
If the artist makes the viewer happy, if he engages and builds the future by connecting people, then he will have succeeded.
JL opens his heart by sharing with you the depth of his feelings …
Listed in AKOUN since 2007
Listed and quoted on ARTPRICE since 2009 ;
Some exhibitions :
CHIMERIA Sedan, France 2016
Galerie U Own, Bruxelles 2016
Galerie ARTOP, Lille, France 2016
Galerie Crid’art, Metz, France 2016
Galerie Guy Pensa, Algrange, France 2015
Galerie Stackl’r,  Sedan, France  2015
Galerie du Comble, Virton,  Belgium  April 2015
Célina Gallery Luxembourg,  February 2015
Golorgorski Gallery, Krakow, Poland 2014
Sol Art Gallery, Dublin,  Ireland 2014
Galerie du Centenaire, Jamoigne, Belgium, 2012-2013
Galerie Urbengsschlass, Hesperange, Luxembourg, 2012
Galerie Eqart, Marciac, France, 2011
Espace Contemporain, Quebec, Canada, 2010
Galerie La Louve, Belgium, 2008
Atelier 9, Grenoble, France, 2008
Galerie Recto Verso, Rodange, Luxembourg, 2007
Galerie De Cuyper, Bruxelles, Belgium, 2004
Art Fair :
AAF London, United Kingdom, 2015
AAF Seoul, Korea 2015

St’ART Strasbourg, France, 2008
Mac 2000, Paris, France, 2008
Lineart Gand, Belgium, 2007
Artenim Grenoble, France, 2006
Art Miami, USA, 2005


Art’ddicted JL Curabet 2017



“Lost souls”- “Les âmes égarées”  JL Curabet 2014
Les peintres de l’agonie, B Gilson,2008
Aspect de la sexualité vus par les artistes, LAC, 1994
Emaux de Longwy : les marques, les signatures, Editions Serpenoises, 1989
Piron, Vol 3, Art in Belgium, 2006
L Expressionisme Contemporain, Le livre d’art, 2010
Le Reg’Art et l’ En-Vie, Publimage, 2011
Bas Occident, Les 2 encres, 2011